Hercules Universal nº 24, Editorial (1/16)

Virginia Von Schaefer, MD, Website (1/16)

Collaboration with Ana Domínguez Studio

Baroz, Identity (1/16)

Illustration by Kevin Sabariego

Castigo (LP) by Txendu, Art Directon (1/16)

Photography by Adrià Cañameras

La Selva Workshop, Campaign (1/16)

SoyBCN Magazine nº 3, Editorial (1/16)

Les Garçons de la Haine, Identity (1/16)

Illustration by Hermes Lebleu

Futura Project, Logo (1/16)

Collaboration with The Issue Ten

Hercules Universal nº 25, Editorial (1/16)

Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Identity (1/16)

Collaboration with The Issue Ten

Pandan Fast Good, Identity (1/16)

Illustration by Alfredo Borés

Restaurante Marea Alta, Menu (1/16)

Hercules Casa nº 1, Editorial (1/16)

Vera Tamayo is a graphic design and art direction studio based in Barcelona, founded in 2019 by David Vera and Daniel Tamayo.

Focused on artistic, cultural and comercial projects, we work with our clients in a close way to give their image shape, getting involved from the conceptual phase until the final production of every commission.

Web code by David Peñuela.
Web photography by Quim Valls.